About Us

Our Bridging Loan and Finance Services

Asset Ventures is part of Global Alternatives.

We operate our own platforms and work closely with a mature network of institutional and professional investors to syndicate bridging and development loans. This gives us the ability to deliver the financing that you or your company require as quickly and efficiently as possible.

We are comfortable with complex circumstances, international jurisdictions and a wide range of alternative asset classes.

We understand that no matter how well-resourced one may be, short-term financing requirements can arise very quickly and thus bridging finance must be a flexible solution suited to the borrower’s unique circumstances.

We typically prefer dealing with institutional grade real estate, but we are also comfortable considering other asset types across the alternatives spectrum - eg classic cars, aviation and maritime assets, or fine art - provided they meet our criteria for quality and value.

We are interested in mezzanine loan opportunities in excess of £750,000 and senior loan opportunities in excess of £1,500,000.


Global Reach for Bridge Finance Requirements

Whilst Asset Ventures is based in London, our team is truly international and spread across the UK, Asia and North America.


A Discrete Service

We are acutely aware of the need for discretion and only work with syndication partners who share a similar ethos and are committed to protecting the privacy of borrowers.


Dedicated to Finding the Right Bridging Finance Solution - For You

We are cognisant of the fact that borrowers pay a premium for bespoke solutions such as bridging loans and development finance, and we therefore work with each borrower on an exit strategy which will place them in a strong position to either repay or refinance at the earliest opportunity.

We will respond to your enquiries promptly as we understand that when an urgent financing requirement arises speed and certainty are of the utmost importance.

Should you wish to speak to us about any of your bridging finance requirements (be they residential, commercial, development, auction, etc.), please fill out our loan enquiry form.

No set of circumstances is too complex for us.